ACOM ~ The Montorsi Method Soulet-Besombes

  The ACOM Method ~
devised by Dr. Adriano Montorsi

 Professor of Postural Gnathology
 Masters in Posturology
 Masters in Methodological Specialisations in Posturology
Faculty of Medicine & Surgery, University "La Sapienza" of Rome, Italy

ACOM ~ The Montorsi Method Soulet-Besombes




Formation Courses on the Montorsi Method [ACOM] ®


The commitment of work in these years together with the modifications I have made to the method, the astonishing results presented at conferences and seminars, and patients’ satisfaction in seeing long-standing problems resolved or simply preventing the use of braces in children, aroused such interest among the many colleagues who send me mails or call to learn the proper use of the method.

This continuing interest and pressing demands of colleagues and the success of the my book "Beyond the palate", which fills me with pride and satisfaction, led me to organize training courses on the Montorsi Method to prepare professionals who can then obtain similar results with personal satisfaction and, most crucially, that of the Patient.

Dr. Adriano Montorsi           

 Montorsi Method ACOM Formation Course

Physicians and Dentists are admitted to the course, which will be a limited number.
Given the already large number of requests on the waiting list, the date of the enrolment e-mail will prevail for acceptance of extra places.
For full details of the program content, dates, cost and enrolment to the “ACOM Montorsi Method Training Course " visit the Montorsi Method Zone for Doctors & Professionals:

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