ACOM ~ The Montorsi Method Soulet-Besombes

  The ACOM Method ~
devised by Dr. Adriano Montorsi

 Professor of Postural Gnathology
 Masters in Posturology
 Masters in Methodological Specialisations in Posturology
Faculty of Medicine & Surgery, University "La Sapienza" of Rome, Italy

ACOM ~ The Montorsi Method Soulet-Besombes





Is there an alternative to orthodontic appliances that takes into account not only the aesthetics of the teeth but also the health of the individual?

Is there an Occlusal Therapy alternative to the "bite" that resolves the symptoms not only when it is used, but in a stable and decisive way?

Is there a link between the equilibrium of the mouth, body and psyche?

Is there a therapy that can produce astonishing and positive results at the level of the skull, face and emotions?

The answer is YES!

The Montorsi Method | Soulet~Besombes
Montorsi Cranio Occlusal Harmonizers - ACOM®

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