ACOM ~ The Montorsi Method Soulet-Besombes

  The ACOM Method ~
devised by Dr. Adriano Montorsi

 Professor of Postural Gnathology
 Masters in Posturology
 Masters in Methodological Specialisations in Posturology
Faculty of Medicine & Surgery, University "La Sapienza" of Rome, Italy

ACOM ~ The Montorsi Method Soulet-Besombes




Information about the Montorsi Method with Clinical Cases : Part II

the functional orthopaedic therapeutic approach

Our therapeutic approach is based on the use of a myofunctional orthopaedic device, a soft malleable harmonizer, the latest evolution of which is the ACOM® designed by Dr. Montorsi, which in a short time span produces surprising results to the mouth, skull, face and the emotional level.

As mentioned there is a connection between the equilibrium of the mouth, body and psyche.

It was the case of Francesca A. an extremely vivacious little girl with severe occlusal problems which the dentist wanted to sort out using a palate expander.

Fortunately, her parents were informed about the Montorsi Method and decided to try this therapeutic alternative.

After a few months they noticed significant improvements, not only of the occlusion and face, but especially that the little emotional Francesca was now studying with pleasure and generally more relaxed and serene.

How can I get results like this by simply using this activator?

Gnawing on an ACOM® changes the arrangement of the teeth and jaw by putting in movement ones own ability to establish a new relationship with the system.

It has been confirmed that the cortical area is much more spread out producing a conscious change with the seal of the Ego, while in orthodontia the change is passive and lacking attention because it is sub-cortical.

The approach is therefore neuro-sensorial and puts back into motion that which was blocked, passing from a teething necessity (unconscious) to one of freedom, the proprioceptive sensation of which is totally different. Thus, the position the muscles will give to the skull, jaw and posture will be completely different. One will experience a change in autonomous self-perceived sensory manipulations whose aim is the "purpose" and not the "means".

The prerogative of orthodontics is the concept that the person should adapt to the therapy while in the Montorsi Method this concept is juxtaposed in that the therapy adapts to person.

The ultimate objective of our treatment is to achieve a balanced occlusion as opposed to orthodontics that wants to pursue an aesthetic result that often induces a functional lesion.

An extraordinary aspect of the Montorsi Method is the total absence of relapses since the cranial occlusal harmonization is induced spontaneously by the brain with a balance of force vectors that are those of growth.

The use of this method on dyslexic children is producing extraordinary results confirmed by therapists who follow these young patients for years and see sudden and unexpected improvements.

Francesca A. (9 yrs) at
start of ACOM therapy

Francesca A. after 4 m

Francesca A. after 21 m


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